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Zebedee is Immortal

Zebedee is one of the oldest multiplayer text-based games still running.

In over 25 years of it's existence, Zebedee has built an immersive world influenced by Tolkien, Dragonlance, Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D), David Eddings, Warhammer and R.E.Feist.

Zebedee is constantly evolving, improving and growing. We have active, kind admins and an incredibly loyal player base.

The general style of gameplay is that of exploration, puzzle solving and fast-paced hack-and-slash combat. Combined with the ability to party with friends, Zebedee has every style of gameplay you could hope for.

Detailed Worldbuilding

From the friendly city streets of Cormallen, to the lofty heights of the floating city of Aria or across the eastern seas to Shangreen, the world of Zebedee is imaginative, immersive and wonderfully vibrant.

Built by dedicated players over the decades, Zebedee has mystical magic realms, futuristic space ships, forboding towers built by opressive regimes and lush jungles full of terrifying creatures. Anything you could imagine exists in Zebedee.

                  _                             ____     _
                 / \__                        _/ /  \   / \
     _          /     \                     _/  /    \_/   \
   _/ \_       /       \_                  /   /            \
  /     \_    /^   ^  ^  \__        __   _/   /             ~\___
 |        \__/  Abandoned   \______/  \_/|   /\            ~~~~~~|
/            ^ ^  Mines   ^              |  /  |           ~~~~~~|
|               ^   |   ^                | /  Seth        ~~~~~~~|
|                   |       Tower        |/             ~~~~~~~~/
|                   |------Of High-------+-Easy Street ~~~~~~~~~|
 \                  |      Sorcery       |             ~~~~~~~~~|
 |        Camelot---|                    |        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
/                   |      #===========# |   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|                   |      |           | |  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
 \    Taperone------+----+-| Cormallen |-+-- Jetty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
  \                 |    | |           |    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
 /       Santyre    |    | #===========#    ^   ^     ~~~~~~~~~~~|
 |          |    Dwarven |      ^ ^ ^    +-------+ ^  ~~~~~~~~~~~|
 |  /~\ /~\~|~   Kingdom |          ^ ^  |^ /~~~\|     ~~~~~~~~~~|
  ~~   ~   ~\ke~         |         ^  Aban/~     \  ^    ~~~~/~~~
             \m/~\-/~\---|    ~/~\~~^ ^ T/        \ ^  ^  ~~/
              ~   ~   ~\ |   ~/   \~~  /~          \ /~~\ ~/
                        ~~~~~~     ~~~~             ~    ~~

Complex Classes


Warriors are a tough class, who can survive the longest in battle. They rely on their fighting power and high constitution to gain experience, and levels. They are probably the easiest class to play, and the best to play if you are new to MUDS. If you like the easy life, and want to pile in amongst all types of monsters, striking large hits, a warrior is the only way to go.


Mages are the weakest class when it comes to fighting, they have few hit points and very little armour available to them. They rely almost entirely on their spells to gain experience, stats and levels. They are a very hard class to play, even if the rewards at higher levels are great, if you are new to MUDS, do not choose this class. If you are a glutton for punishment, and want a REAL challenge, pick up your spell book and become a mage.


Clerics are an inbetween class. They are like a mix of fighter and mage, with their own range of spells. Not as powerful combatwise as a fighter, and not as powerful as a mage spellwise, they get the best of both worlds by combining both spells and fighting skills. They are a highly defensive class, so if you want to have a bit of both worlds, choose a cleric.


Thieves are a complex class to play. Starting off like a weak fighter, with an armour deficiency, they survive by copying the fighting style of those around them, but add to it their own pieces of individual flair. At higher levels they utilise the evade and attack tactics with deadly efficiency. If you really like to add a bit of spice to playing zeb, be a thief you sneaky bastard.


Necromancers are an interesting and challenging class to play, relying mainly on their undead servants to fight for them in battle. The necromancer is very fragile and could be slain quickly in combat, but with an army of minions by their side they can easily be considered one of the most powerful forces on the Mud, if you crave power over others, try the necromantic ways.


Paladins are an advanced class to play, they are not suitable for a new or inexperienced player. Their combat is based on alignment and they specialise in fighting opponents who have low alignment (especially evil and demonic) They are able to wear any armour, and wield any weapon having parallels with both Warriors and Clerics. At higher levels they gain the ability to summon a steed which they can equip and ride into battle against the forces of darkness. Paladins also gain access to abilities and spells as they advance to help them on their path. Paladins must also beware if their own alignment falls too far they can lose their powers.


Alchemists are a secret class, rumoured to have the skills required to turn ingredients that are harvested around the game and turn them into powerful potions, scrolls and even wands. Alchemists are not suitable for new or inexperienced players as they require a lot of in-game knowledge and preparation.

Barbarians... Coming soon

Multiple races


These half beast half-man hybrids are the result of magic experiments gone wrong, left unchecked they bred in the wildlands north of Sardonyx and their loose tribes became affiliated under the banner of the Emperor, they make strong warriors and love to hunt their enemies. Also their mixed heritage gives them a unique perspective on life and makes them deceptively wise.


Dark cousins to the surface elves, Drow live in the subterranean caverns known only as the Underdark. They have been seen recently aiding the forces of Sardonyx though noone truely knows their intentions.


The true tale of how the Duergar came to be has long been forgotten after millenia of distrust between the warrens of the Underdark and the kingdom of Khazrad-Zirak, bastion of the elder race. Like their dwarven brethren the duergar are a hardy race who live and die in the bowels of the world, the realm of the duergar is black and cold.


Hailing from the fortress citadel of Khazrad-Zirak, the Dwarves are a proud and ancient race. Dwarves are an incredibly tough and durable folk, who have a history of bloody battle and stalwart defence.


Diminative creatures, gnomes rely on their small size and dexterity to get them through the day, coupled with their natural intelligence which is virtually unmatched in the other races. A gnomes greatest weakness is their playful nature and light heartedness which doesnt make them the wisest of creatures.


Much smaller than their Orc cousins, Goblins dont have the brutish strength or toughness, but they make up for this with their small size and dexterous nature.


Small folk, sometimes known as hobbits, they hail from the caves west of Cormallen, not known for their great durability or prowess in battle Halflings more than make up for this with their dexterity, and their appetite for food and alcohol is legendary.

High Elves

Agile and dexterous, the High Elves, or Ascended Ones as they prefer to be called see themselves as the superior race. They look down upon all others races as mongrels, and prefer to have little to do with them. Though In times of need or when the dark forces threaten the free world, they put aside their disdain and stand alongside the Cormallen alliance. They know should the unthinkable happen and the Alliance fall that they can not stand alone against the forces of Evil, even though it pains them to admit this...


By far the most common race in Zebedee, humans are generalists and central to the political situation. There are two main factions, one in Cormallen, the other in Sardonyx both sides have been locked in a fierce struggle for dominance alongside their various allies. So far neither side has managed to prevail...


Formed of nomadic tribes that live in the deserts, the Kilrath are a race of feline humanoids, incredibly adept and agile they make fearsome foes in battle. In their desert homelands they hunt the wild game with spears and shields and coupled with their natural aggression and instincts are dangerous when confronted.


Giant, beastial and full of rage, Minotaurs are incredibly powerful if not a little stupid, with two great horns they are a force to be reckoned with as they rampage through the enemies ranks baying with fury!


Inhuman in size, appetite and power, Ogres are a mystery to most common folk, their origin is said to be from a union between a giant and a man though how such thing is possible is anyones guess, they are incredibly strong brutish warriors excelling in battle, and as much grace as a dead stone.


Brutish warriors, Orcs live for battle and love nothing more than to fight their enemies. They suffer somewhat when it comes to intellect and wisdom, but their strength, toughness and combat prowess more than makes up for this.


Huge hulking beasts, with little upstairs in the brains department, they are slow, sluggish creatures, but have amazing endurance and staying power in a fight

Wood Elves

Like their High Elf cousins, Wood elves are dexterous fighters, their home in forests to the west of Cormallen, is the most precious of all things, and they have an affinity with nature gaining bonuses when in woodland areas.

And other hidden races too...

Exciting Quests

Isle of the Dead

The Isle of Skarnul was once a living paradise. Now it is known only as the 'Isle of the Dead'. What went wrong?

Bell Ya'al

Legends speak of it, the creature which stalks nightmares throughout the land. Bell Ya'al, demon lord. One of the first demon lords to pass through the gateway into this world the Lord of Lies has sent forth a challenge to all adventurers...find it and speak to it of questing to learn more. You may want to start at the Temple of Bell Ya'al, believed to be between a Roc and a hot place.

Free Catalon

The evil pentarch, Pr'aal, must be found and somehow killed. If this is not done soon, the lands of Catalon will fall into his hands. You must enlist the help of the Dancers to aid you in your quest. It is rumoured that they used to be based in the Ice Tower, in the southwest of the area. After this, free the lands of Catalon once and for all. To do this, you must find a way to the top of the Grey Tower, and defeat Angus. This must be achieved soon after the death of Pr'aal, or he will re-cast his terrible spell, with dire consequences!

Forgotten Town

Find the Forgotten Town and rid it of a terrible curse. Once inside the town, you may find further information. A local peasant may be of some help to you at first.

Temple of Doom

Yak has a problem, a pest control problem! The Trollrats from the Temple of Doom have stolen a very valuable artifact from Yak's House to give to their god, the Great Horned Rat. Yak's maid is desperate to get it back before Yak returns from his round the world trip! What are you waiting for? If you need more information ask the maid.


Takhisis, the dark queen has gathered in strength and is threatening to take over Zebedee. It will take a brave adventurer to banish her from this world. It is rumoured that the fabled dragonlance can only be used for this purpose. An old Hag may hold the key.


A mighty beast is said to be terrorising the inhabitants of the Forgotten Town. Your task is to find it and eliminate it for them. But be warned, this beast has killed many a warrior and is feared throughout the land. It may not be wise to go alone. You may reap valuable rewards should you succeed in your quest.


Rumors have circulated that there are problems in the castle of Shangreen. Visit the King and see if you can help him with his dilemma.

Elven Rescue

The ancient demon Bell-Shammaroth has recently broken through into this world! He has laid waste to an ancient forest and devastated the elven people who used to live there, capturing many. Elfwood has sent some people to help, but they are proving unable to rescue the captives. The elves are a proud people so you will have to approach them carefully, and be persistent, but if you were to retrieve the captives they are sure to reward you well!

The Village of Santyre

The village of Santyre is peaceful and quiet - isn't it? Old Father Mork obviously didn't think so and recorded some disturbing findings in his diary. Unfortunately, he fled soon after and his diary was lost. Your task is to recover the diary, and act upon the information contained within!

And many more...


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